Monday, March 14, 2016

January and February 2016

C's first excited he rode it for like an hour up and down the driveway 
L's princess barbie house she wanted for Christmas ....we found it on Jan 1 at goodwill. fun find!
Dressed up for daddy/daughter date at Chickfila
daddy/daughter date nite

100th day of school dressed as 100 yr old lady


L's Christmas performance at school

gingerbread making at neighbors

cute puppies

first time on pink pig


L and teacher

live nativity

C Christmas program at school


November birthday

L. enjoyed a princess party with her friends this year. Lots of fun for everyone!

Halloween and Fall Festival

Monday, October 12, 2015


Free public safety event
3rd time to visit Kinsey farms in Gainsville, GA


Fun find at consignment sale
first AU game we've attended in 6 or more years
new play place
tennis in a parking lot
Cabin in Helen with Tom's family to celebrate his parents 65th wedding anniversary
fun big swing
Birthday party for L's friend from preschool
Jaemor farms
Flowers given to us by one of our students at preschool
C's first day of 3 yr old preschool
ballet and tap class once a week
ride and walk on the greenway